Experience Thrilling Speeds with the V13 Pro

Powered by a high-torque 126 V motor, the V13 Pro boasts a rated power of 4500W and a peak power of 10000 W. With such
formidable power, it achieves an astonishing speed of 100km/h, making it one of the most comfortable high-speed unicycles
ever built.

126 V

Max. Voltage

10 kw

Peak. Power

90 km/h

Max. Speed

Unleash the Dominance of the Black Knight

Driven by its raw power, the INMOTION V13 Pro commands attention with its formidable capabilities. With an astonishing 300N.m of torque at its disposal, this unique masterpiece empowers you to conquer inclines of up to 45° effortlessly.

Advancing Redundant Hall Sensor Systems

In the event of a sensor failure mid-ride, the backup sensor seamlessly takes over, ensuring uninterrupted operation
and eliminating any potential disruptions. Experience enhanced reliability and continuous performance with the V13
Pro, prioritizing safety and confidence on every ride.

Maximizing Safety with Smart BMS

The V13 Pro introduces Smart Battery Management System (BMS), utilizing advanced algorithms to optimize capacity and charging cycles for long-term efficiency. With real-time monitoring of each parallel cell by the motherboard, you can ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Cells Balancing



Communication System


Temperature Control


Capacity Monitor

Ensuring Safety Every Ride

With the INMOTION V13 Pro, safety is paramount. This exceptional model goes the extra mile, offering an array of safety features designed to keep you protected on every journey.

Guaranteed Safety Under Extreme Conditions

The V13 Pro prioritizes safety by ensuring the Raptor controller maintains ample
safety margins, even in the most extreme conditions. Equipped with 42 MOSFETs
and 8 AWG phase conductor cables, this board provides unmatched reliability, elimi-
nating concerns about overload issues. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that the V13
Pro is engineered to deliver superior safety margins under any circumstance.


8 AWG Phase Conductor Cables

Optimized Heat Dissipation

The V13 Pro employs advanced heat dissipation techniques, with
all MOSFETs directly mounted on the 7.9 inch × 3.5 inch (200mm ×
90mm) Thermal Conductive Board. Additionally, two independent
fans efficiently cool the board, ensuring optimal performance and

Ride with Confidence in Any Weather

The V13 Pro's IPX5 waterproof rating guarantees worry-free riding
in any weather condition, providing peace of mind and
uninterrupted enjoyment.

Elevated Riding Experience with Enhanced Suspension

The V13 Pro boasts an upgraded suspension system, featuring two sets of independent air shocks and dampers on each side. This responsive design ensures exceptional stability and comfort on uneven terrains, elevating your riding experience to unprecedented levels of enjoyment.

Reach New Heights in Your Adventures

Customizable Comfort with
Adjustable Pedals

Experience tailored comfort with the V13 Pro's adjustable pedals, allowing you to customize the wheel to your exact preferences for a more enjoyable ride.

Customization at
Your Fingertips

With the V13 Pro's smart LCD touch screen, all customization options are just a tap away. Personalize your ride effortlessly, putting control and convenience literally at your fingertips.

Stay Safe with Intelligent
Speed Alert

The V13 Pro features an intelligent speed alarm system that alerts riders with color-coded speed indicators, ensuring they maintain a safe riding pace. This invaluable feature enhances rider safety by providing clear visual cues to promote responsible speed management.

Streamlined Maintenance with Modular Design

The V13 Pro embraces a modular design concept, simplifying maintenance tasks for user convenience. With this innovative approach, maintenance procedures can be completed in under 30 minutes, ensuring hassle-free upkeep and maximizing time spent enjoying the ride.

Rapid Charging with Dual Ports

Experience lightning-fast charging with the V13 Pro's dual charging ports, allowing you to fully charge your device in just 3 hours. This remarkable speed is twice as fast as standard charging methods, ensuring you spend less time waiting and more time riding.

v13Pro Specifications

  • Max. Range95-120km
  • Max. Speed90km/h
  • Max. Slope45°
  • Raptor ControllerYes
  • Fast Charging Time2h
  • Charging Time6h
  • Rated Power4.5kw
  • Peak Power10kw
  • Max. Torque/
  • Dimensions579*274*731mm
  • Net Weight53kg
  • Max. Payload130kg
  • Suspension Travel90mm
  • New CMFYes
  • In-box Kick-standYes
  • IP Ratings for WheelIP55
  • IP Ratings for BatteryIPX7
  • Motor Size16inch
  • Tire Size3.00-16
  • TireUniversal
  • Power AssistYes
  • Spike Feature/
  • Power AssistYes
  • Anti SpinIntelligent Recognition/Manual Control
  • Pedal HardnessYes
  • OTA UpdateYes
  • Charger InputAC100-240V 50-60HZ
  • Charger OutputDC 126V 5A
  • Number of Charge Port2
  • Charge Port TypeGX16-6PIN(needle)
  • HeadlightYes
  • TaillightYes
  • Ambient Lighting/
  • Operating Temperature-10~45°C
  • Storage Temperature-20~45C
  • Alarm SystemVoice

1.Max. range is obtained at full charge, with a load of 90kg, ambient temperature of 25°C, and riding at a speed of 20-40km/h on a flat, paved road. The range of the wheel is influenced by factors such as temperature, tire pressure, road conditions, and riding habits (such as rapid acceleration and braking).

2.Under full charge and a load of 90kg, with an ambient temperature of 25°C and no wind, the measurement was taken on a flat road.

3.Under full charge and a load of 90kg, the measurement was taken under actual conditions.