High-Torque Version

Seamlessly Overcome
45° Inclines

The high-torque version of the V12HT is ferocious.
It’s powered by a 2,800W motor that generates
a potent 188Nm of torque, providing you with
the ability to surmount terrain of 45° effortlessly.

Enhanced Driver Board

Torque and speed are essential, but the heart of the V12HT
lies within the driver board. Therefore, we’ve improved this by
optimising the PCB layout and enhancing the MOS’s durability.
With these upgrades, the maximum power output has
increased by 23%, which offers a exhaust-free ride.

Charge Less, Ride More

The overall rideability of the V12HT is immense. To complement this, it comes equipped with
a 1,750Wh battery capacity which can last up to 96 miles on a single charge.

1,750 WH

Battery Capacity

96 KM

Max. Range

Here’s How Safe Electric
Unicycles Are

Smart BMS & Battery Failure Warning

Optimal Safety and Sturdiness

Our advanced, smart Battery Management System
(BMS) examines and evaluates the status of each
battery cell located on the device. The system
scans for faults and will alert the rider through our
innovative Battery Failure Warning feature.

IPX5 Water-Resistance Rating

Advanced Weather Protection

The V12HT is weatherproofed with hermetical sealing,
providing the electric unicycle with IPX5-rated
protection against harsh environmental conditions.

Headlamps and Taillights

Superior Night Vision

Ride throughout the night with our bright 1,700-lumen
headlamps and taillights, which are two to three times
brighter than industry-standard E-unicycles. These stylish
lights have been carefully designed with a wider irradiation
angle to promote longer illumination, improving visibility
during poor weather conditions or at night.

Anti-Spin Button

Elimination of Wheel Spinning

When exploring with the V12HT, it’s possible to encounter stairs, curbs, and other
obstacles that’ll require you to carry the device. Therefore, we’ve attached an Anti-Spin
button near the handlebar, eliminating wheel movement while you overcome the
obstruction without turning the E-unicycle off.

Establish A New Adventure

Split Mode

Split Mode is the opportunity to create
bespoke settings for your V12HT. With this,
create settings that reflect your mood,
copy a friend or chosen YouTuber;
the chances of enjoyment are endless.

Take Full Control
of Your Ride

The complete construction of this electric
unicycle has carefully been optimised to
offer the best rideability and user satisfaction:
allowing for a quick and smooth acceleration
response effortlessly.


Adaptability to individual users and
environments played an essential role during
the development process. Therefore, we
created adaptive pedals that can be
adjusted to suit a particular riding style.

Heavy on Features, High on Value

All-Terrain Tire Suitable
for Every Situation

The 16”off-road tire that comes equipped with
the E-unicycle can overcome all environments,
whether it’s a racetrack, urban location or
off-road. Our well-designed tire tread can
withstand various surfaces ranging from wet
grass, mud, or tarmac, allowing optimal
enjoyment and safety.

Improved Durability with A
Double-Bumper Design

To enhance its overall durability, we created
the E-unicycle with a double-bumper design
that offers additional protection to the chassis.

Compact Trolley Handle

Transporting this E-unicycle by hand has never been
more accessible with the innovative, compact trolley
handle. It’s layered with non-slip material and arches
perfectly to fit directly into the palm of your hand,
reducing fatigue and making transportation

Shred the Streets in Style

Everything at Your Fingertips

The V12HT is packed with revolutionary features,
such as the new and improved smart LCD touch
screen. Here, you’ll be granted access to numerous
customisation options and details relating to speed,
time, battery level, missing mileage and more.

User customisation is essential for optimal satisfaction;
that’s why we included bright RGB LED ring lights on either
side of the E-Unicycle. From having this, users can make
their V12HT bespoke to their preference by simply utilising
the INMOTION mobile application.

Move with the Music

We’ve added four built-in high-quality speakers to
round off our E-unicycle, so playing your favourite
music while cruising is accessible.

V12ht Specifications

  • Max. Range96 miles
  • Charging Time9 hrs
  • Rated Power2800 w
  • Max. Torque188 N·m
  • Max. Speed37.5 mph
  • Max. Slope45°
  • Length*Width*Height19.6*7.5*23.9inch
  • Net Weight65.5 lbs
  • Max.Payload308.6 lbs
  • IP RatingIPX5
  • Battery IP RatingIPX7
  • Rated Voltage88.8 V
  • Rated Capacity1750 Wh(875 Wh*2)
  • Motor Size14 inch
  • Tire Dimension16*3"off-road Tire
  • Split ModesAcceleration / Braking
  • Anti SpinIntelligent Recognition / Manual Control
  • Riding ModesStandard Mode/Hobbyist Mode
  • Drive ModesComfortable Mode /off-road Mode
  • Pedal SensitivityYes
  • OTA UpdateYes
  • Color Display2.4 inch LCD Touchscreen
  • HeadlampYes
  • Auto High and Dipped lightsYes
  • Auto HeadlightYes
  • Ambient LighteningYes
  • Phone charge PortUSB/Type-C
  • Vehicle charge PortM16_5Pin (Male) GX-16
  • Number of Charge Port1
  • Age16-50 years
  • Height120-200cm
  • Working Temperature-10~45°C
  • Storage Temperature-20~45°C