High Torque Motor

Challenge the Industry
Strongest Power




tractive force




No Load Speed

The Adventure comes equipped with a C40 magnetic steel
motor, boasting a peak power of 9000W and a maximum
power limit of 12000W. This delivers an astonishing 850N of
wheel tractive force, effortlessly conquering a 50° incline.

Independently Developed Raptor Controller

Advanced Electric Control

INMOTION has independently developed the high-performance Raptor
controller, with 42 high-voltage tolerant MOSFETs at 200V, resulting in a
40% increase in voltage margin. The industry-first double-layer structured
aluminum substrate design brings robust heat dissipation performance.

Ultra-responsive Control in 1ms

More Comfortable, More Agile,
More Dynamic

High-performance off-road motor, coupled with fully self-developed
algorithms for vector control, posture detection, and motor control,
provides Adventure with power response as fast as 1ms. Combined
with high traction off-road tire and wider, anti-slip pedals, acceleration
and deceleration become more intuitive.

Industry-First Progressive Shock

Expertly Engineered Suspension Built
for Off-road Adventure

The Adventure adopts high-end, fatigue-resistant, and stress-relaxation-resistant alloy springs
used in premium off-road motorcycles and automobiles. Its front section has a stiffness of
600 lbs/in, ensuring a softer and smoother suspension for mild uneven road surfaces. The
rear section is 970 lbs/in, ensuring rebound performance on demanding off-road segments
while protecting rider's knees.

Upgraded Samsung 50GB Battery Cells

Faster Charging Speed,
Longer Cycle Life

Thanks to the battery pack's fast charging feature, the
Adventure supports a maximum charging current of 16A,
charging up to 80% in just one hour.

Smart BMS Extends to Each Cell

More Comprehensive Battery

This new electric unicycle features Smart Battery Management System that
monitors real-time information of each cell. Any battery abnormalities will
be promptly alerted with recommended actions, ensuring your complete
safety throughout the journey. The battery's balancing function effectively
reduces the potential unknown risks caused by battery voltage differences.

Industry-First Quick-Release Battery

Disassemble Four
Batteries Takes Less than 10 Minutes

The redesigned wheel structure allows users to easily remove all batteries without dismantling the
controller, enabling convenient replacement of backup batteries at any time. Also, the optimized
structure enhances the efficiency of later maintenance and servicing.

IPX6 Waterproof Rating for the Wheel

Unafraid of Complex Weather

The entire wheel achieves an IPX6 waterproof rating, and the
battery's waterproof level reaches IPX7. Allowing worry-free
riding under rain and other complex weather conditions.

High-Brightness Adjustable Headlights

Ensuring Safe Night Rides Every Time

The Adventure is built with adjustable-angle headlights with a bright
output of 1500 lumens and come with automotive-grade taillights,
allowing you to customize the lighting angle according to various
nighttime riding. This ensure excellent visibility, illuminating your
path and making you visible to others on the road.

2 Riding Modes Select

More Extreme Power Response

Sport Mode

In the Sport Mode, Adventure's acceleration response
increases by 47%, achieving genuine high-power
output to meet demands of steep slopes, ramps, and
other demanding off-road scenarios.

Comfort Mode

The Comfort Mode provides the wheel
with smoother and more stable power response.

ADVENTURE v14 Specifications

  • ModelAdventure
  • Rated Power4000W
  • Peak Power9000W
  • Max Speed70km/h
  • Max Slope50°
  • Max Range120km
  • Tire Size3.00-12
  • Net Weight39kg
  • IP Ratings for WheelIPX6
  • IP Ratings for BatteryIPX7
  • Torque200N·m
  • Wheel Tractive Force850N
  • Typical Battery Capacity2400Wh
  • Max. Charging Current16A
  • SuspensionAdaptable leverage ratio & Progressive shock
  • Suspension Travel85mm
  • Controller Raptor
  • Max. Load140kg
  • Smart BMS/Power Pads/Adjustable
    Headlight/OTA Update

1.Max. range is obtained at full charge, with a load of 90kg, ambient temperature of 25°C, and riding at a speed of 20-40km/h on a flat, paved road. The range of the wheel is influenced by factors such as temperature, tire pressure, road conditions, and riding habits (such as rapid acceleration and braking).

2.Under full charge and a load of 90kg, with an ambient temperature of 25°C and no wind, the measurement was taken on a flat road.

3.Under full charge and a load of 90kg, the measurement was taken under actual conditions.