Enjoy Greater Freedom

The Easiest-to-Learn EUC

Skiing-like Smooth Ride

Learn to Ride in 3 Mins

Up to 30km Long Range

20km/h Top Speed

15° Climbing Angle

Over 20+ Safety Protections

Bluetooth Speaker

RGB Ambient Lights

Introducing the INMOTION E20

Freedom Flexibility Fun

Combining style with practicality, the E20 is compact, family-friendly, and beginner-friendly, making it perfect for hanging out around town, camping, 'last mile' trips, or just having fun.

Get ready to explore the outdoors like never before with the INMOTION E20 — your most liberating electric ride yet!

Ultra-precise Motion Control

Ride as One

Elevate your personal mobility with the E20 central motor and dual-side pedal control. INMOTION's decade-long expertise in motion control
ensures an agile and skiing-like ride, enhancing balance and refining coordination. Fret not over the difficult-to-use pole steering
method, and embrace the seamless integration with E20.

Master in Just 3 Minutes

Front and Rear Self-Balancing

The E20 is designed to be simple yet stable, allowing you to master it in just 3 minutes. With our proprietary dynamic self-balancing
algorithm, the vehicle maintains both front and rear balance, reducing the risk of tipping over.
Enjoy a fun and worry-free ride with confidence.

Lean forward to accelerate

Stand still to remain steady

Lean backward to brake

Lightweight & Super Portable

Effortlessly to Carry

The innovative 2-in-1 wheel design significantly reduces the
overall width of the vehicle by 55% compared to traditional
self-balancing vehicles on the market. With three E20s and
a camper that easily fits alongside a household car, family
outings become doubly convenient and twice as fun.

14-Inch Inflatable Tires

Versatile Terrain Performance

With a 38% increase in tire diameter compared to regular self-balancing vehicles, the E20 can effortlessly conquer various obstacles
without throwing you off balance. In addition, the inflatable inner tubes greatly enhance shock absorption compared to the solid tires,
delivering a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Free-style Riding Postures

Stand, Sit, Ride as You Please

Standing provides greater control and fun, while seated rides offer a
more relaxedriding experience. Thanks to its unique structure, the E20
gives you the freedom to choose your preferred riding position.

High-power Motor

Performance Crushes, Self-balancing Scooter

Enjoy a carefree and effortless ride with a top speed of up to 20km/h,
which is equivalent to 5X the speed of walking. The E20 boasts a
climbing angle of 15°, allowing you to easily conquer various urban
roads, gravel paths, suburban slopes, and park hillsides.

30 km Long Range

Ride 75 Laps Around the Playground Track

Whether you're taking a family getaway, strolling in the park, grocery
shopping, or rushing to gatherings, the 30 km long-range capability is
sufficient to meet various short-distance commuting needs.

20+ Safety Protections

Trust the E20 with Confidence

Safety is our top priority, and we have implemented safety features such as automatic shutdown, which activates in the event of a fall. In
addition, we have conducted rigorous factory tests to ensure that every E20 is guaranteed to be safe and stable.

Fall-off Shutdown

Lift-up Shutdown

Power-On Self-Test

Safe Speed Limit

Drop Test

Impact Test

Hot Plug Test

Reliability Test

Battery Safety, Top Priority

Over a Dozen BMS Protections

With over a dozen BMS protection strategies covering everything from battery cells to control circuits,
E20 ensures the battery's safety throughout its entire lifespan.

Low Battery




Dust and
Waterproof Design

3 Riding Modes

Suitable for All Ages




Speed Limit




Speed Limit




Speed Limit

Integrated Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy the Journey with Music

The E20 has a high-quality Bluetooth speaker, allowing you
to connect your smartphone and play music seamlessly.
Keep the music playing throughout your journey, and enjoy
a cheerful mood all day.

Smart App Connectivity

Personalize Every Feature

When connected to the smart app, you can configure a variety of
functions, including adjusting acceleration and braking response,
balance angle and vehicle calibration, among other parameters.

Customizable Stickers

Flaunt Your Personality

With over 850cm² of customizable surface area on each side of the E20, you can decorate with any stickers
you desire, whether it's cute, mech style, or anything else you can imagine. Get ready to customize and show
off your unique personality.

E20 Specifications

  • Max. Range30 km
  • Max. Speed20 km/h
  • Max. Slope15°
  • Charging Time3.5 h
  • Rated Power450 w
  • Peak Power900 w
  • Battery Capacity240 Wh (5.2 Ah)
  • Dimensions17.32 *9.96*19.96 inch(440*253*507 mm)
  • Net Weight13.5 kg
  • Max. Payload100 kg
  • IP Ratings for wheelIPX5
  • IP Ratings for BatteryIPX5
  • Motor SizeФ10 inch (254 mm)
  • Tire Size14*1.75 inch*2(355.6*44.45 mm* 2)
  • Speaker FeatureYes
  • Anti SpinIntelligent Recognition/Manual-Control
  • Pedal HardnessYes
  • 0TA UpdateYes
  • Charger InputAC100-240 V,50/60 HZ
  • Charger Output54.6 V 1.5 A
  • Number of Charge Port1
  • HeadlightYes
  • TailightYes
  • Ambient LightingYes
  • Operating Temperature-10~45°C
  • Storage Temperature-20~45°C
  • Alarm SystemSpeaker