Natural Born Racer

Equipped with dual 2000W motors, the RS boasts a peak power output of 8400W, allowing it to reliably reach a top speed of 68mph (110km/h) – faster than most scooters. Moreover, it take you from 0 to 30mph in a flash and easily conquer a 50% grade hill.

68 mph

Top Speed

3.5 Seconds

Acceleration from 0-30mph

4200 W*2

Peak Output





World’s First Transforming System

Drawing inspiration from SUV design, the INMOTION RS proudly presents a world-first transforming system in an e-scooter. Offering 4 selectable pedal height settings from 183mm to 303mm, you'll experience noticeable shock absorption differences tailored to your all-terrain requirements and let you enjoy the exhilarating speed of a race car or the off-road dominance of an SUV.

A Leap in Battery Life

Thanks to the powerful 72V 40AH battery with 21700 cells, RS enables users to travel an impressive range of 75- 100 miles(120-160km) on a single charge. Moreover, with Smart BMS (Battery Management System) and Dual-Charging Capability enabled, it ensures consistent power delivery speed up the charging time.

2880 Wh

Battery Capacity


75 - 100 Miles

Max Range


Designed for Maximum Comfort

Featuring 11 stages of adjustable hydraulic damper for both front and rear and 96mm suspension travel range, lNMOTION RS can deliver exceptional shock absorption for a smoother, more enjoyable journey.

The INMOTION RS is equipped with a pair of 11x3.5-inch tubeless tires that offer exceptional traction, control, and stability on any surface, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride.


Cool with Heavy Rain

With its top-of-the-line IPX6 body waterproofing technology and IPX7 Battery waterproofing, you can ride with confidence no matter the forecast. Say goodbye to the hassle of worrying about rain or puddles ruining your ride, and let the INMOTION RS empower you to take on any challenge.


Vehicle Water Resistance



Battery Water Resistance


Advanced Brakes for Safety and Control

Equipped with dual 160mm full-hydraulic disc brakes and enhanced regenerative braking system in both the front and rear wheels, you can stop on a dime even at high speeds, ensuring maximum safety and control at all times.

Stay Connected with Your INMOTION RS

Customize your preferred driving mode, turn the lighting system of your vehicle on and off, lock and unlock your RS vehicle remotely, monitor your riding performance with real-time data such as speed, distance, and battery level, and track your mileage in real-time from anywhere.

RS Specifications

Top Speed68 mph(110km/h)
Max. Range*100 miles(160km)
Battery Capacity2880wh(72v 40AH)
Rated Power*2000W*2
Peak Power4200W*2
0-30 mph Acceleration3.5 seconds
Charging Time8.5 hrs
Fast Charging Time4.5 hrs
Max. Slope*50%(26 degrees)
Suspension SystemFront/Rear Damp Adjustable Suspension
Tire Size11"*3.5"
Net Weight128lbs(58kg)
Folding Dimensions1473*716*684mm
Unfolding Dimensions1473*716*1363mm
Max. Payload330 lbs(150 kg)
IP Ratings*IPX6

*All data on this page comes from INMOTION lab. Actual results may vary depending on the riding habits, terrain differences, environment variables, tire pressure, payload and various factors.

1. Max. power: The 8400w max power data comes from INMOTION lab tests conducted in specific conditions.

2. Max. slope: Test is based on a 75.0 kg load at a 25°C temperature with more than 80% power, starts at 15km/h, and climbs 10m from the bottom of the slope, the speed must be greater than 5km/h.

3. Typical range: Test is based on a 75.0 kg load at a 25°C temperature on a single full charge, riding at a constant speed of40km/h on a flat road.

4. Waterproofness testing: The IPX7 rating is given after immersing the battery pack in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, without water damage after standing for 72 hours.

5. Max. Speed: Test is based on a 75kg load at a 25°C temperature, with a fully charged battery, riding in fourth gear at top speed, on a hard cementor oil-coated road surface, and with no wind present.