INMOTION  Challenger

A Huge Leap Forward

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The Challenger is the fastest, most powerful, and exclusive high-end electric unicycle in INMOTION's history. Its innovative technology, unprecedented speed, sophisticated design, and performance-oriented form make it a unique masterpiece of technique, structure and art that pushes boundaries beyond imagination.

Let the Speed Blow You Away

The Challenger is driven by a 126v high torque motor, producing a rated power by 4500W, a peak power by 10000W, such scorching power enable it to achieve an incredible lift speed of 140km/h, making it the fastest unicycle ever built.

126V Max. Voltage
10000W Peak Power
140km/h Max. Lift Speed

Power Meets Performance

The INMOTION Challenger is defined by its intense power, this unique masterpiece generates an incredible 300N· m of torque, which enables your conquer inclines of up to 45° with ease.

300N· mMax. Torque

Innovative Redundant Hall Sensor Systems

The Challenger revolutionarily implemented redundant hall sensor systems to make the motor be controlled more precisely. In case either one fails while riding, the other one can take over the task to make sure no cutout happens.

Hall Sensor 1 Hall Sensor 2

Smart Battery Management System

Smart BMS is one of the major updates for Challenger, It uses advanced algorithms to optimize the use if capacity and charging cycles in the long term. You are allowed to check the status of every parallel cell, which is also monitored by the motherboard all the time.

Cells Balancing
Communication System
Temperature Control
Capacity Monitor

Make Every Ride a Safe Ride

INMOTION Challenger goes above and beyond to keep you protected with safety features.

Sufficient Safety Margins

Sufficient Safety Margins

To ensure the driver board always has enough safety margin under any extreme conditions, the Challenger comes in 42 MOSFETs and 8 AWG phase conductor cables. Never worry about overload issue with promising safety margins.

8 AWGPhase Conductor Cables

Enhanced Heat Dissipation

All the MOSFETs are installed directly on the 7.9 inch x 3.5 inch (200mm x 90mm) Thermal Conductive Board, and two independent fans are used to cool down the board.

Enhanced Heat Dissipation
IPX5 Waterproof Ratings

IPX5 Waterproof Ratings

Challenger is well-sealed and offers IPX5 waterproofing ratings. This means you can relax and enjoy riding without worrying about weather condition.

Upgraded Suspension System

Challenger features an upgraded suspension system with 2 sets of independent air shocks and damper on each side. It's super responsive to uneven terrains and elevate your riding experience to new heights.

Suspension Travel 90mm

Elevate Your Adventures to New Heights

Adjustable Pedals

Challenger comes with the adjustable pedals allowing you to adapt the unicycle to your need and enjoy a more comfortable ride.

All at One Tap

Challenger comes with a smart LCD touch screen gives you access to a number of customization options at just a tap. Make the experience truly your own.

Intelligent Speed Alarm System

Challenger has a smart speed alarm system to alert riders by showing speed in different colors. This greatly help riders maintain a safe riding speed.

Modular Design

Challenger is built upon a modular design concept, that helps to make the maintenance very friendly. The whole process could be reduced to within 30 minutes.

2X Fast Charging Speed

Equipped with the dual charging ports, you can get your challenger fully charged within 3 hours, which is 2 times faster than charging it normally.

Charging Port X2



Typical Range: 90-140km
Max. Lift Speed: 140km/h
Max. Slope: 45°
Charging Time: 6hrs(with single 5A charge)
3hrs(with two 5A chargers)
Motor Power(Rated): 4500W
Motor Power(Peak): 10000W
Max. Torque: 300N· m

Main Body

Length * Width * Height: 579 * 274 * 731 mm
Net Weight: 53.2kg
Gross Weight: ≈64kg
Max. Payload: 130kg
IP Rating: IP55


Battery IP Rating: IPX7
Rated Voltage: 108V


Motor Size: 16inch
Tire Dimension: 3.00-16


Spilt Modes: Acceleration/Braking
Anti Spin: Intelligent Recognition/Manual Control
Pedal Sensitivity:
OTA Update:


Charger Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ
Charger Max. Output Voltage: 126V 5A


Color Display: 2.4 inch LCD Touch Screen


Auto Headlight:
Taillight Stoplight:

Charge Port

Phone Charge Port: USB, Type-C
Vehicle Charge Port: M16_6pin(Male)
Number of Charge Port: 2


Age: 16-50
Height: 120-200cm
Working Temperature: -10~45℃
Storage Temperature: -20~45℃

* Typical Range is based on a 165.3 lbs (75.0kg) load at a 77℉ (25℃) temperature, riding 15.6 mph (25km/h) at a constant speed on a flat road test.

* The maximum cruising speed is based on a 165.3 lbs (75.0kg) load at a 77℉(25℃) temperature, on a flat road test.

* The charging time will vary depending on the ambient temperature and battery capacity.

* All pictures shown in this file are for illustration purposes only, please refer to the actual products.