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Best Waterproof Electric Scooter of 2022

Lilian Publish Date: July 21,2023

If you need a quick way to get around the neighbourhood while it’s raining, a waterproof electric scooter might be just what you need. Unlike cars and motorcycles, electric scooters have an exposed motor and are more exposed to water than other vehicles. Most electric scooters are not very smart to drive in the rain, but there are those electric scooters that can be used in such conditions. In this post, we will introduce the best waterproof electric scooter of 2022 for you, just keep reading.

Part 1How Is Waterproofness Measured?

Before jumping to purchase a waterproof electric scooter, you need to have a general idea about how the waterproofness is measured.

Waterproofness is measured using something called an “ingress protection standard”, which is published by the International Electrotechnical Commission.

In effect, it standardises the testing and measurement of devices, so that a product can be given an objective rating of the protection it has built in. The higher the rating, the more protection you get from ingress.

Once tested, there are two digits given to an IP rating. For instance, “IP54”, the first digit is a measure of protection from intrusion of solid objects (rated 1-6), and the second is a measure of protection from moisture (rated 1-9).

IP Rating



Resistant to splashes from any direction



Resistant to a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray



Resistant to high-pressure, heavy sprays of water


Protected from water spray from any direction



Protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction


Protected from high-pressure water jets from any direction



Protected from immersion between 15 cm and 1 m in depth




Part 2Is It OK to Ride Electric Scooter in the Rain?

The answer is yes. If you’ve got a good scooter, all the wires, the battery, the motor, everything is enclosed into something so you won’t need to worry about it getting wet or sparking. Most electric scooter are made with water-resistant sealed components that prevent the general spray and rain from getting into the battery, motor, and controller. These scooter parts aren’t waterproof but are designed to take a typical ride in the rain.

However, not all e-scooters are made the same with each e-scooter and component having different quality levels and tolerance for exposure to moisture. Here, we will introduce the best waterproof electric scooter in 2022, let’s dive right in.

Part 3Best Waterproof Electric Scooter- INMOTION Climber

There are numerous waterproof electric scooters accessible. Many of them can often withstand riding through some rainfall quite well, making them extremely handy when you need to attend to a significant matter nearby with heavy rain and no public transportation available. Here, we would like to recommend the best waterproof electric scooteravailable on the market- INMOTION Climber. The INMOTION Climber is the most waterproof electric scooter for commuting. It has an IP56 water protection standard, which means it’s protected against weak jets of water from any angle, and even if some water manages to reach the critical components, it will still probably have no damaging effect. Below are the efforts that INMOTION has done to make Climber waterproof.

1. Add Protection to the Screen, Throttle and Power

Protecting the power button and screen is essential to enable users to ride in rainy conditions. This S1 electric scooter is placed a transparent cover to allow use to see the power button and minimise the damage caused by rain. The throttle is also water-resistant.

2. Use O-Rings Around Holes

Many electric scooters with holes for the wires to go through, but this, of course, can cause issues with water causing potential damage to your electrics. This S1 has been placed o-rings onto the holes. Doing this will provide moisture protection.

3.Waterproof the Connectors

One of the weakest points on electric scooter is the connectors – especially when they’re at risk of water damage. INMOTION gives connectors extra protection is by using a silicone-based solution on S1. 

4.Grease the Motor Axles

Adding some thick grease to motor wheel axle is a simple way to perform essential maintenance to enhance electric scooter’s performance. To protect the moving parts of an electric motor, most notably the shaft and bearings. Waterproof shaft seals create an enclosed area for the motor’s inner workings.

5.IP67 Waterproof Standard of the Battery Pack

The Climber battery pack has the IP67 protection, which means it is completely sealed and protected against any type of dust and nothing to worry about if it’s dropped in water up to 1m for no more than half an hour.

Besides, Climber electric scooter performs well in other areas. With a 1000w brushless motor and 675Wh lithium batteries, Climber is able to power the motor and supply an unbeatable range of up to 59 miles on a single charge. This is 40% longer than similar scooters in the high-end commuter class. And S1 is the world’s first fast charging electric scooter with dual-charger port, which can effectively half the charging time from 7h to 3.5h.

Also, thanks to the powerful moter, Climber can easily take on up to 30% grade slopes, inclines and any terrains with ease.

The suspension of Climber is as good as you can expect. Climber is built with both front and rear wheel suspension, it will mitigate the impact with small bumps, the ride comfort and quality you get is unrivaled.

The Climber offers 3 ride modes to adapt to any situation. Featuring the smart battery management system, you can rest assured that the battery is being used safely and will last longer.

Now, after reading this post, I believe you have a bit of knowledge about your IP ratings and the INMOTION Climber, if you want to learn more about this amazing scooter to empower your adventure to discover, feel free to visit here.

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