Best Lightweight Electric Scooters of 2022

Fiona   |   Published Time: 12/30/2022 18:46

The best lightweight electric scooters will make for a faster ride-particularly when accelerating and going up hills. Also, they make lifting and carrying your electric scooter much easier, you can take on the go with you and not feel weighed down.

In this post, we’ve covered some options for lightweight electric scooter. And if you’ve just started your search for the best one, our guide can walk you through the essentials.


If you are looking for a compact option that combines a foldable structure, a decent top speed and a respectable range, the AIR PRO is a winner. Its 17.7kg weight is ideal for taking it in and out of work. Also, it packs a lot of style into its compact, affordable frame, delivering everywhere you need it.

The INMOTION AIR PRO is the fastest entry-level electric scooter. It adopts 10'' pneumatic front tire, enables a comfortable and least maintenance riding experience. INMOTION AIR PRO is equipped with a rear-drive motor, producing a mighty 750w of peak power and delivering satisfying performance on hills and on flat ground, will hit an top speed of 22 mph, making it the king of speed in entry-level bracket.

AIR PRO perfects its ergonomic design by adopting the wiring hidden design for a sleek and futuristic aesthetic without compromising on reliability and power. Also, it greatly increases protection against weather damage and vandalism.   

2. Hiboy S2 Pro

Hiboy S2 Pro is a foldable electric scooter that doubles down on versatility and portability. If you need to cover shorter distances and value a smaller weight and footprint, this scooter can check all of your boxes.

You can find the folding mechanism at the base of the stem, which has a straightforward design. To fold it, you have to slide up the metal tab and pull the latch forward. There’s a hook on the fender where you can lock the bars and secure them while being in the folded position. 

The locking mechanism is pretty stable, allowing the scooter’s easy carriage using only one hand. The Hellboy S2 Pro weighs around 16.3 kilograms and has a smaller profile than some of its competitors. Thanks to its portability, you can even carry it around the bus or store it under your desk at work. 

However, you might need to tighten or adjust the latch bolts to ensure they keep everything together.


Niu KQi3 is one of the most comfortable and stable electric scooter. It has a wide, rubberized deck, ensuring you have a good, comfortable standing without compromising safety. Also, it has a relatively low weight at 40.7lbs. It can be folded in a few simple steps. You can easily store it at home, under your desk at work, the boot of your car or take with you on public transport.

Acceleration is easy to handle, but it’s got speed if you need it: topping out at 21 mph on flat ground. The front and rear drum brakes are easy for new riders to use safely while still delivering excellent stopping power. The folding handlebars angle back toward the rider for comfort and the ergonomics of the foam grips and thumb throttle are top-notch. The scooter rolls on comfortable 8.5-inch air-filled tires more than making up for the lack of suspension.

Whether you’re looking for the lightest, most affordable or the best hill climber, we hope this post is helpful to you. Lightweight electric scooters are a blast, and open up a ton of possibilities once you realize all the places they can go!       

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