Double the Power, Double the Fun

New Experience to Enjoy

Climber is the first INMOTION's electric scooter equipped with dual motors. It boasts dual 750W motors, producing an astounding total nominal power of up to 1500W, making it take on 36% slopes, inclines and any terrains with ease.

750w*2 750w*2
36% slopes 36%

Embrace the
Ultra Fast Speed

Climber reaches the impressive speed of up to 38km/h. Also, it is able to deliver fast acceleration from 0 to 25km/h top out at 3.5 seconds.

38km/h Top Speed 38km/h
3.5s 3.5s

Heavy Rain? So What!

Climber is built to handle whatever life sprays its way, with IPX6-rated splash and water resistance, you are free to explore and go on adventures.

IPX6-rated IPX6

Smart, Safe and Sound

Climber features the smart Battery Management System(BMS) to constantly monitor the status of each battery cell and improve the available capacity of a battery pack. Also, it is built packed with a battery balancer in a battery pack to performs battery balancing, this can greatly increase each cell's longevity and charging safely.

Maintenance Has Never Been Easier

Thanks to the modular design and split-rim technology, tire changing can be done as easy as 123. Enjoy the pleasant maintenance experience in your garage within 10 minutes.

Wow, What a Braking!

Equipped with powerful braking system with electric brake on both tires and disc brake on the rear tire, Climber provides more precise control during braking events and the reaction time can be within 0.01 second.

Expected Tire,
Unexpected Comfort

Climber applies the 10-inch low-rolling resistance tires with extra-thick inner tube to help reduce the puncture chance and deliver improved grip comfort and durability. Just ride with ease over city terrain and enjoy a smooth ride even at speed from start to finish.

10-inch tire 10-inch

Easily Handle Heavy Riders

With the aircraft-grade aluminum, Climber is extremely sturdy and durable, providing a maximum load capacity of 130kg, which is generally enough to carry extra heavy riders.



Charging Time:
approx. 9hrs
Wheel Types:
Front & Rear Pneumatic Tires
Max Range*:
56km / 35 miles
Max Speed:
38km/h / 23.7mph
Net Weight:
Max Slope*:
Max Loading:
Motor Power(Rating):
Max. Power:
Charger Output Voltage:
Charger Output Current:
Brake Types:
Electronic & Disc brake
IP Ratings(Body):
IP Ratings(Battery):
Unfolded Dimensions:
Folded Dimensions:

1. All data on this page comes from INMOTION lab. Actual results may vary depending on the riding habits, terrain differences, environment variables, tire pressure, payload and various factors.

2. Max. power: The 750w max power data comes from INMOTION lab tests conducted in specific conditions.

3. Max. slope: Test is based on a 75.0 kg load at a 25℃ temperature with more than 60% power, starts at 15km/h, and climbs 10m from the bottom of the slope, the speed must be greater than 6km/h.

4. Typical range: Test is based on a 75.0 kg load at a 25°C temperature on a single full charge, riding 60% of the maximum speed at a constant speed on a flat road.

5. Waterproofness testing: The IPX7 rating is given after immersing the battery pack in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes, without water damage after standing for 72 hours.

6. Dust testing: This is tested according to GB 4208-2008 to ensure that there can be no ingress of dust at all after placing the battery pack in the test chamber. Pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product.